For more than 50 years, Ultrasonic Cleaning Corporation has served the aerospace industry in the greater Southern California and Los Angeles region, helping serve the companies building manned and unmanned space vehicles as well as the support equipment and launch facilities.

For parts requiring more stringent cleanliness levels, our cleanroom facilities are well suited to receive components and hardware, for precision cleaning, packaging, testing and validation. Our California facility is AS9100 / ISO Certified with Class 5 (Class 100) cleanrooms of varying sizes and capabilities to handle any size job and process.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Corporation’s proprietary high purity cleaning and passivation chemistry and services are ideal for medical device implantables and components. We have partnered with OEM device manufactures to address cleanliness considerations utilizing our various services and our propriety chemistry and processes. Our services to remediate bio-burden, endotoxin levels, rouge and other contaminants address the requirements for meeting FDA standards. Our chemistry also delivers an optimal passivation (corrosion resistance) layer and maintains the integrity of laser mark etchings.

Motorsports equipment such as motocycles, race cars, and high-speed boats require ultrasonic precision parts cleaning to insure peak performance.

Race cars with the close tolerances on modern day racing engines have the added need of cleanliness. Race car parts cleaning is the key to maintaining peak safety and performance. Custom manufactured engines and parts for race cars are no longer discarded after a failure because of small metallic particles being entrapped within inaccessible areas. Ultrasonic cleaning is the solution.

Wherever liquid can access particulated areas or be flowed through the ultrasonic cavitation, the process sonically ‘vibrates’ and removes said debris to salvage expensive machined parts.

The ultrasonic race car parts cleaning process is highly successful in cleaning oil coolers, intercoolers, as well as many other delicate parts.