At Ultrasonic Cleaning Company several types of machined parts, castings, welded assemblies, tubes assembly etc. are pressure tested and can be helium leak tested as well. Pressure testing and Helium leak testing are performed using compatible media to verify that they hold a predetermined pressure and are free of permanent deformation or rupture and latent failures due to material fatigue caused by other testing, poor welds, cracks, or material fatigue.

Pressure testing can be accomplished with water (up to 25,000 PSI), hydraulically (up to 75,000 PSI), pneumatically (up to 6000 PSI). Helium leak testing is an extremely effective and precise method used to detect and locate very small “FINE” leaks that are otherwise very difficult to detect using conventional methods.

Many parts and tubular systems that operate under pressure require pressure leak validation testing prior to start-up of operations and to validate and prove products meet manufacturing specifications for pressure ratings.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Company’s pressure testing services are performed in our onsite pressure testing lab prior to cleaning, certification and clean packaging processes. Inside-Out, Pressure Testing helps determine the strength and absolute performance integrity of tubular parts, hollow vessels and assemblies and valve components using pressurized fluids or inert gases.  Pressure testing will confirm the tested  part’s ability to meet product specification(s) without leaks, ruptures or fatal failures. It is especially essential for systems that operate under pressure, as these systems typically require validation prior to operations.