Ultrasonic Cleaning’s main objective is to provide optimal surface cleanliness. The Ultrasonic process removes sub-micron surface contamination, debris (fingerprints, microscopic fibers/particles etc.) without harming or changing its precision dimensions or micro-surface of the part. Parts are mostly metallic (stainless steel, aluminum, etc.)

First, generally, parts are pre-cleaned (flushed, dipped etc.) with solvent. Dried and then placed in one of the ultrasonic cleaners (determined by the size of the part) that has been filled with a warm, aqueous detergent solution. . The sound waves are activated and the parts (s) are submerged in the ultrasonic action for @ 10 – 15 minutes. Parts are then removed, rinsed with warm filtered, deionized water. They are then dried with filtered air or nitrogen.

Parts are again inspected, tested for cleanliness using various methods such as blacklight, Particle Count, and Non Volatile Residue. Once the cleanliness has been verified, all hardware is packaged in cleanroom compatible materials that are just as clean as the hardware, heat sealed and identified with a label.  Most all operations are performed in Ultrasonic Cleanings certified ISO Level 5 clean room.

Ultrasonic cleaning is used to clean many different types of objects, including jewelry, scientific samples, lenses and other optical parts, watches, dental and surgical instruments, tools, coins, fountain pens, golf clubs, fishing reels, window blinds, firearm components, car fuel injectors, musical instruments, gramophone records, industrial machine parts and electronic equipment. They are used in many jewelry workshops, watchmakers’ establishments, electronic repair workshops and scientific labs.

Typically, the process described is modified or changed due to an end user specification or requirement. Ultrasonic Cleaning is approved to clean per several end users specifications. These specifications can use different cleaning media’s, time, packaging materials etc. Ultrasonic cleaning stocks several approved soaps, bags, tubing etc. to facilitate each individual specification requirements.  Ultrasonic Cleaning has a quality system that is AS9001 compliant, is monitored and updated as necessary.

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