Ultrasonic parts cleaning is especially effective at removing dirt, debris, oils, inorganics, lubricants, fingerprints and all types of surface contaminants. It is a proven cleaning method to achieve peak performance of all non-ferrous metal parts. UCC also cleans precision ceramics, glass and plastic parts.  Whether your business is aerospace, high-tech, medical, industrial – intricate parts and machinery need total cleansing and safety testing to assure speed, precision performance and consistent product reliability.

Each part is cleaned, and then the required sampling methodology is performed to confirm compliance to the applicable cleanliness specification. Parts are then packaged in clean packaging, labeled by lot number/batch number including the customer’s PO# and delivered with a Certificate of Compliance. Certificates of Analysis that include additional underlying test data are also available upon request..

In addition to the industry’s most frequently used cleaning and testing specifications, we’re very flexible and have the unique ability to customize processes to meet customer specific requirements.

We encourage our clients to compare our rates and service levels to other cleaning service companies. We stand behind our work and our reputation is supported by a long-list of long-term, satisfied customers.

Ultrasonic Cleaning is an approved parts cleaning provider for many companies including:

  • Boeing Northrop Grumman
    Raytheon SpaceX
    Teledyne Lockheed Martin
    Honeywell B/E Aerospace
    Parker NASA
    Blue Origin Virgin Orbit
    Sikorsky Aircraft Porsche Motorsports North America

    Cleaning processes are based on a combination of factors including:

    • The material composition and configuration of the hardware.
    • The composition and level of contamination present.
    • The interaction between the material being cleaned and the required cleaning formula.
    • The level of cleanliness that is required by the customer and the certification specifications.

As such, we test and certify all materials prior to the cleaning process.  Our cleaning methodologies are comprised of two core elements.

  1. The first element involves cleaning the surface using specific precision cleaning techniques combined with an approved cleaner or liquid chemistry in a process that has been validated for the stated purpose.
  2. The second element involves testing and verification that the surface is cleaned to the level of precision necessary for it to be safely used in its intended environment.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Company understands the importance of providing high precision level quality cleaning services that aligns with customer requirements. We tailor our cleaning to your needs.

Each industry and every component of a company’s products has its own unique requirements and specifications and we are well-versed and experienced in cleaning many different materials and uniquely shaped parts, large and small.

A commitment to excellence combined with proven parts cleaning experience is why you can feel confident that your parts will be delivered cleaned, tested, certified to meet your specification(s) and neatly clean packaged and clean labeled in our ISO Level 5 cleanroom. Each part is individually cleaned and packaged with certified clean flexible packaging that meets level 100 cleanliness levels and specialty packaging for static control specifications to ESD20.20-1 requirements.  All parts are cleanroom labeled with a Batch and Lot Number. Test reports will specify and certify the correlating Cleanliness Specifications met and certified in the project test report. Non-Volatile Residue testing is routinely performed to meet the stringent requirements set forth by the Aerospace industry, this testing is done in-house at our lab.

We look forward to being of service on your next cleaning opportunity. Let us know your test specification requirements, and we will be happy to be of service providing a professional service result on every project!

New jobs are received and submitted to a first article process where their requirements are recorded into our project tracking system. A customized set of work instructions that includes a part’s details, cleaning method and packaging requirements are created and these work instructions accompany the job throughout the cleaning and testing labs. The cleaned parts are then finally moved to our ISO Level 5 Certified cleanroom where they are then final cleaned and packaged individually.